St. Jerome Catholic School offers an approved and accredited curriculum for students in Pre-K through 8th grade.

We provide an integrated and advanced education program with highly qualified and experienced faculty and staff. With our low student-teacher ratio, we’re able to provide personal attention to each of our students.

The distinctive purpose of Catholic schools is to proclaim the Gospel message, to build community, and to educate for service. Within the school community, the teachers, priests, parents, and students experience what it means to live a life of prayer, community, personal responsibility, and freedom. This life is reflective of the Gospel values manifesting peace, brotherhood, love, patience, and respect for others.

To achieve this purpose, St. Jerome Catholic School organizes its curriculum, its staff, and its physical facilities:

  • To make known to each student the person and message of Christ and to help students develop a spirit of prayer and worship;
  • To assist the student in developing an understanding of Christ’s Church, its community growth, and its world dimensions;
  • To develop in all students a respect for the rights of others, as individuals and as groups with moral and spiritual values, ethical standards of conduct, and basic integrity;
  • To provide for all students educational opportunities and experiences related to their heritage, their American citizenship, their responsibilities to the community, and the larger society;
  • To help each student develop the power to think constructively, to solve problems, to reason independently, and to accept responsibility for self-evaluation and self- instruction.

Hence, through our curriculum at St. Jerome, we hope to equip our students with the knowledge, attitude, and interests necessary to prepare them to carry out their future responsibilities in life.